Quantitative Aptitude – Number Systems – If a, b, c are three positive integers

Quantitative Aptitude – Number Systems


CAT 2017 - Afternoon slot - Quantitative Aptitude - Number Systems - If a, b, c are three positive integers
If a, b, c are three positive integers such that a and b are in the ratio 3 : 4 while b and c are in the ratio 2:1, then which one of the following is a possible value of (a + b + c)?

A) 201
B) 205
C) 207
D) 210


Option (C)


From CAT 2017 – Quantitative Aptitude – Number Systems, we can see that,
Let us take a = 3x and b = 4x
Also, b = 2y and c = y
4x = 2y => y = 2x
Now, c = 2x
a + b + c = 9x
Since it is a multiple of 9. From the given options we have to find the one that is divisible by 9. 207 satisfies this condition.
Option (C)

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