Quantitative Aptitude – Algebra – Logarithms – If G is the geometric mean

Quantitative Aptitude – Algebra – Logarithms


CAT 2017 - Forenoon slot - Quantitative Aptitude - Algebra - Logarithms - If G is the geometric mean
Suppose, log(base3)x = log(base12)y = a, where x, y are positive numbers. If G is the geometric mean of x and y, and log(base6)G is equal to

A) √a
B) 2a
C) a/2
D) a


Option (D)


As per CAT 2017 – Quantitative Aptitude – Algebra – Logarithms, we can see that
x=3^a and y=12^a
G = √(3^a * 12^a) = 6^a
Log (base 6) 6^a = a
Option (D)

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