Quantitative Aptitude – Algebra – Arun’s present age in years

Quantitative Aptitude – Algebra – Linear Equations


CAT 2017 - Forenoon slot - Quantitative Aptitude - Algebra - Arun's present age in years
Arun’s present age in years is 40% of Barun’s. In another few years, Arun’s age will be half of Barun’s. By what percentage will Barun’s age increase during this period?




After going through CAT 2017 – Quantitative Aptitude – Algebra – Linear Equation, we can assume that
Age of Arun = A and age of Barun = B
Let us assume, A=0.4 B —– (1)
After a few years, A+x = 0.5(B+x) —– (2)
On putting value of A in eq (2), we get x = 0.2B
% increase in the age of B = (0.2B/B) *100 = 20%
Answer: 20%

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