Logical Reasoning – Set – Eight friends: Ajit, Byomkesh, Gargi, Jayanta

DILR – Logical Reasoning – Set

The following set contains four questions related to Logical Reasoning. Choose the best answer to each question.
CAT 2017 - Afternoon slot - LRDI - Logical Reasoning - Set - Eight friends Ajit, Byomkesh, Gargi, Jayanta
Eight friends: Ajit, Byomkesh, Gargi, Jayanta, Kikira, Manik, Prodosh and Tapesh are going to Delhi from Kolkata by a flight operated by Cheap Air. In the flight, sitting is arranged in 30 rows, numbered 1 to 30, each consisting of 6 seats, marked by letters A to F from left to right, respectively. Seats A to C are to the left of the aisle (the passage running from the front of the aircraft to the back), and seats D to F are to the right of the aisle. Seats A and F are by the windows and referred to as Window seats, C and D are by the aisle and are referred to as Aisle seats while B and E are referred to as Middle seats. Seats marked by consecutive letters are called consecutive seats (or seats next to each other). A seat number is a combination of the row number, followed by the letter indicating the position in the row; e.g., 1A is the left window seat in the first row, while 12E is the right middle seat in the 12th row.

Cheap Air charges Rs. 1000 extra for any seats in Rows 1, 12 and 13 as those have extra legroom. For Rows 2-10, it charges Rs. 300 extra for Window seats and Rs. 500 extra for Aisle seats. For Rows 11 and 14 to 20, it charges Rs. 200 extra for Window seats and Rs. 400 extra for Aisle seats. All other seats are available at no extra charge.

The following are known:
1. The eight friends were seated in six different rows.
2. They occupied 3 Window seats, 4 Aisle seats and 1 Middle seat.
3. Seven of them had to pay extra amounts, totaling to Rs. 4600, for their choices of seat. One of them did not pay any additional amount for his/her choice of seat.
4. Jayanta, Ajit and Byomkesh were sitting in seats marked by the same letter, in consecutive rows in increasing order of row numbers; but all of them paid different amounts for their choices of seat. One of these amounts may be zero.
5. Gargi was sitting next to Kikira, and Manik was sitting next to Jayanta.
6. Prodosh and Tapesh were sitting in seats marked by the same letter, in consecutive rows in increasing order of row numbers; but they paid different amounts for their choices of seat. One of these amounts may be zero.


Q1) In which row was Manik sitting?

A) 10
B) 11
C) 12
D) 13

Q2) How much extra did Jayanta pay for his choice of seat?

A) Rs. 300
B) Rs. 400
C) Rs. 500
D) Rs. 1000

Q3) How much extra did Gargi pay for her choice of seat?

A) 0
B) Rs. 300
C) Rs. 500
D) Rs. 1000

Q4) Who among the following did not pay any extra amount for his/her choice of seat?

A) Kikira
B) Manik
C) Gargi
D) Tapesh


Q1: Option (A)
Q2: Option (C)
Q3: Option (D)
Q4: Option (D)


CAT 2017 – Logical Reasoning
Let’s take the initial letter of each friend. From the given data, we can observe that Row number 1 to 20 have extra charges except for middle seat. J, A, B must be in Aisle seats to get the sum as 4600; and we know that J, A, B paid different amount. Therefore,
Logical Reasoning - Eight friends: Ajit, Byomkesh, Gargi, Jayanta
G, K and K, G can be interchanged. Moreover they can be placed in row 1 to 0. So also the right window positions and aisle seats can be interchanged.

Q1 CAT 2017 – Logical Reasoning
Manik was sitting in Row number 10
Option (A)

Q2 CAT 2017 – Logical Reasoning
Jayanta paid Rs. 500 extra for his choice of seat
Option (C)

Q3 CAT 2017 – Logical Reasoning
Gargi paid Rs. 1000 extra for her choice of seat
Option (D)

Q4 CAT 2017 – Logical Reasoning
Tapesh did not pay any extra amount for his choice of seat
Option (D)

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