CAT 2017 Question Paper With Official Answer Key and Solutions for Download

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

CAT 2017 Question Paper With Official Answers Key and Solutions
CAT 2017 Question Paper with official answer key is now available for both slots. We will make video solutions for all questions and release that as a part of our CAT 2018 online coaching course in the next few days. However, if you have a problem with any of the answers that are given in the official CAT 2017 answer key, please let us know via the comment section – we will discuss that answer on this post. Please also mention why you found the answer given in the official answer key as incorrect or invalid.

Download CAT 2017 Question Paper with official Answer Key

Since the official CAT website is a little bit on the slower side and because some students are not able to download the same, we have put up the PDFs on our servers as well. You can download the CAT 2017 Paper and the answer keys from the links given below.

CAT 2017 Question Paper with official Answer Key – Shift 1 – Morning Slot

CAT 2017 Question Paper with official Answer Key – Shift 2 – Afternoon Slot

Expected Score Vs Percentile Mapping for CAT 2017

Percentile Overall Verbal LR-DI Quant
99 163-168 76-77 44-46 61-63
98 150-154 72-73 39-41 55-57
95 130-135 63-64 31-33 45-47
90 112-116 55-56 25-27 35-37
85 99-103 49-50 21-23 31-32
80 89-92 44-45 18-20 26-28


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CAT 2017 Question Paper With Official Answer Key and Solutions for Download

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9 responses to “CAT 2017 Question Paper With Official Answer Key and Solutions for Download”

  1. Sabyasachi says:

    in slot 2 the socrates and bacon summary question, answer should be answer 2 and not 4.

  2. Rohit says:

    In VARC(Slot 2m question id : 4891686017), the wimbeldon set odd one out questions states that the option 4 ( Once he had survived the opening week, the second week witnessed the range of a rested Federer’s genius), has been marked as the odd sentence. However according to the flow of other sentences in the paragraph, it is evident that the paragraph is talking about the success of Federer in the recently held Wimbeldon. The 5th option talks about the reasons as to why he will be successful in future, and not about the wimbeldon performance. So should’nt 5th option be the odd one here.

  3. Abhishek says:

    1. In the LRDI section of slot 1, the question on flights- the minimum number of “DIRECT FLIGHTS to be scheduled” should be 9*10=90 (though the minimum number of ” DIRECT FLIGHT TRIPS” is 180) if we assume that the flights which were sent from, say city ‘A’
    to city ‘B’ in the morning, the same flight is used for coming to city ‘A’ from city ‘B’ in the evening. This is very practical and does not violate the condition given in the question.

    2.In slot 1 RC question on Maps, I believe the answer to the question that asks ” purpose of the passage”- the answer should be ” It explores some myths about maps” and not “It corrects a misconception…”. The reasoning is that the passage completely talks about various myths prevailing at different places based on which people prepared their maps.



  5. Vinay Chaturvedi says:

    The question on Simple Happiness Index in slot 1 was totally wrong. There were 3 countries in total having the highest total score of 17 and the breakup of each of them contained the highest score in exactly one parameter so options can be 746 or 575(SFC).{As 664 won’t be an option as this will violate the point 3 in the question and also 655 adds up to only 16, so all 3 countries need to have a 7 which is not there in the table} As there is no other option and only 2 ‘seven’ scores for S and F are there, there cannot be a C having a 7 for the third country, thus violating the logic. I found many such worng questions in the paper.

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