Arithmetic Syllabus for CAT Exam Preparation

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Arithmetic Syllabus for CAT 2020 Exam Preparation

Arithmetic Syllabus for CAT 2015

Arithmetic forms an important part of Quantitative Aptitude for CAT exam. Not only you get quite a few direct questions on the arithmetic concepts in the Quant section, but you also get some applications in the Data Interpretation section. Some of the calculation tips and tricks that you learn via percentage can be applicable in many other areas. Along with Number System, you can assume that this forms the much required base for the quantitative aptitude part. The topics and chapters which are covered in the Arithmetic syllabus for CAT 2015 exam are as follows:
Mean Median Mode
Simple & Compound Interest
Profit & Loss
Ratio & Proportion
Mixtures & Alligations
Time Speed & Distance
Time & Work

To understand the relative importance of these arithmetic topics and also to understand what you should study in the above mentioned chapters, you should watch the video given below.

Free Video on Arithmetic Syllabus for CAT Exam

Free PDF Download of Complete CAT Syllabus

You can download the complete and detailed syllabus for CAT in the PDF format for free from the green button below. You will be asked to share about it on Facebook / Twitter. I request you to do the same as it would help your friends and other people in your network. Also, it would encourage us to keep doing more in the domain of building free guides for CAT Preparation. Hope you enjoy it.

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  • In the next video / post in the series on CAT Syllabus, we will be covering the Geometry portion of CAT preparation in more detail. You can view the video on complete CAT syllabus here.

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