5 Things to do in last 1 Month to Ace CAT 2020 exam

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

5 Things to do in last 1 Month to Ace CAT 2020 exam

There is just a little over a month left for the CAT 2020 exam. Now is the time for all last-ditch studies, but also to take stock of things already done well. There will be some aspirants who would make a rather recent decision to appear for the CAT exam this year. There will be others who would have been preparing for a while now. Others would be sandwiched in between. For some CAT 2020 is almost a make-or-break situation, while for others there will be opportunities ahead, this time merely a dress rehearsal. Some are working professionals, so hard pressed for time, while others may be studying so have a bit more of the luxury of time. Yet others could have dropped some months altogether to focus fully on the exam alone. Looking at the varying situations, the last one month must be approached in own unique ways. Here, we look at some of the strategies known to work universally for all kinds of aspirants.

Get the Basics Sorted to Ace CAT 2020 exam

First of all, one needs to brush up on the basics. It is a good thing to be ambitious and try to master newer topics. But in this surge to try out new things, one mustn’t weaken in the areas of existing strength. Tricky questions can then be handled much more calmly. Whichever way one prepares, one must seek to prepare section-wise as much as possible. This is also true when attempting the Mock papers. Once a broad area, is tackled, the aspirant must try to solve as many questions as possible from that section. It will also help the test takers to scan the question paper before attempting. The strength areas can be pursued the first so that confidence builds up. One cannot dawdle on these topics for too long either. These strength area questions will need to be solved as quick as possible to save time for the other, trickier parts.

Mocks & More to Ace CAT 2020 exam

This brings us to the topic of Mock Tests. These are extremely crucial. Those preparing for a long time for CAT would already have given several of these. For others, now is the time to take full-length tests. Merely attempting mock tests is not enough. This is true even for those scoring high because, in CAT, the sky is always the limit. Those who have done well in the exam in the past, have always attested a part of their success to deep analysis of the paper post-attempting. After one gets the scores, a thorough analysis for about two hours is needed. It will help pinpoint the gap areas while boosting the confidence in the sections of strength. It is not a very wise decision to pick up too many topics from scratch at this time of the year. Neither, must one overdo and give too many mocks.

Body Clock Simulation to Ace CAT 2020 exam

Another factor the students must consider is the time of the day. One must start giving at least some mocks at the same time as the real CAT slots. This will help attune the body towards the psychological setup of the real exam. For example, some people have a habit of napping in the afternoon. This is, in general, a great idea, as it helps the mind refocus for the rest of the day. But this habit will affect those of whom will be allotted the afternoon slot in CAT ‘19. Some working professionals may have night shifts so feel sleepy during the daytime anyway. Others may simply have developed a nocturnal habit out of choice. There is the least amount of disturbance during the night time, so ideal to focus. But the CAT 2020 exam hall may not seem such a welcoming place for them. Some student could be unfortunate enough to be allotted an exam hall right next to some busy suburban rail station where trains pass through every few minutes, causing a lot of noise. All these psychological factors will have to be weighed in by the exam takers. Mocks must also be rigorously applied online as that is where the real exam is. So, one needs to get conversant with navigating questions in an online format. In long questions featuring topics such as Reading Comprehension or tabular Data Interpretation ones, this may be particularly a factor.

Prep Strategy to Ace CAT 2020 exam

A proper study strategy needs to be prepared. This includes the number of hours per day or week, the number of full-length tests to be given, and the number of sectional tests. In addition, there are other developmental aspects such as vocabulary and general knowledge. A lot of CAT aspirants would have either left their jobs to focus on the exam last few months or even be students with relatively ample time to prepare. Others would be hard-pressed managing their day jobs in addition to this preparation. So, the strategy needs to encompass the current situation of the student. A thorough analysis must be made of last year’s topics and the breakup accordingly. Not only for last 1 year, but this study needs to be done for a 3-year period. Due time has to be devoted for dovetailing one’s vocabulary towards the CAT requirements. Time must be relatively evenly distributed across the three sections. One can, of course, tilt more amount of this time towards topics more problematic. Aspirants need to dedicate time daily for revision. The weak areas need to be addressed with firmness. But starting fresh new topics is not advised.

Keep Calm & Approach to Ace CAT 2020 exam

Whatever is the pre-CAT preparation, one needs to remain absolutely calm. The mind must remain relaxed, and one needs to stick by the game plan already devised. One needs to instead track the week-by-week progression. There is no point in overloading oneself just one day prior to the exam by exposure to new or weaker areas. Ultimately, CAT is a game of percentiles and not absolutes. So, one needs to be smart in the approach. On the last day before the CAT exam, the aspirant must not panic. And on the day of the exam itself, there must be absolutely no study. The student has worked hard over the months, so he/she needs to stay focused on what already undergone.

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