5 Steps to tackle Ethical Dilemma Questions in XAT Decision Making Section

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The key tests for sieving through the MBA aspirants in India focus excruciatingly only on aptitude skills with an exception of XAT. XAT paper also invests in analyzing a person’s attitude, though the standard test format is rather restrictive for being an accurate barometer for a person’s honesty/sincerity. After all, like Warren Buffett insists – Integrity is the prime quality he would look for before hiring a new candidate.   XAT 2020 Crash Course Use coupon code BLOG25 to get 25% off a) 200+ Video Tutorials b) XAT 2017, XAT 2018, XAT 2019 Video Solutions


XAT Decision Making Tips – Identifying key stakeholders and their interests

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An MBA or PGDM or the likes in India equip one with the technical expertise and frameworks to be successful leaders and managers. Yet the number of exams in which a person’s sanity in terms of decision making skills or prudence is baked into the initial screening test itself is miniscule – XAT being the prominent one. It dedicates a separate Decision Making section that comprises of small case studies or situations, which seem almost certain to happen to you or someone you know. However, given a finite narrative and then, having to choose the best possible course of action can’t p


Making sense of the XAT Decision Making Ability section

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XAT is probably the only leading B-School entrance exam that is not confined only to questions targeted to gauge the candidate’s aptitude, written English communication skills and/or general knowledge. The Decision Making Ability section, that houses about one-third of total questions which determine your percentile (21 out of 72 questions), can make the difference of life and death (read: shortlist and rejection.) Obviously, like every other section, one needs to at least clear the minimum cutoff for this section too but it can skew your percentile and be a game changer. It is therefore i


XAT Syllabus – Verbal and Logical Ability

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Verbal and Logical Ability is perhaps the most difficult section in the XAT exam. First of all, the name throws off a bunch of aspirants who have come to expect a certain kind of questions when they see the term ‘Logical Ability’ or ‘Logical Reasoning’. However, the questions that get asked in the Verbal section of the XAT exam are completely different. They aren’t your usual questions on LR but are closely related to questions on Critical Reasoning. Sometimes, the term that is used in XAT is ‘Analytical Reasoning’, which I believe is slightly more accurate. Having said that,


XAT Syllabus – Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation

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Quantitative Aptitude is perhaps the most important section in the XAT exam. While some of you might argue that it is Decision Making that is most important because it is new and something that you haven’t practiced for, I wouldn’t agree to that. The simple reason being the number of questions. If you look at XAT past year papers over the last 5 years, you will find that the number of questions in the Quantitative Aptitude section were maximum every year. Let’s have a look at the quantitative aptitude syllabus and other details in the video and the article that is given below. X


How to use Analytical Reasoning to score more in XAT Decision Making

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An Analytical Guide to  XAT Decision Making Process Decision making is an integral part of management. It is a cognitive process of selection of a belief or course of action among several possibilities. You have to act rationally while decision making and foresee the outcomes of all the options available and its alternatives. And as aspiring future business managers, time and again you have to face situations where you have to take major decisions by carefully examining the problem and considering all the pros and cons, the long-term and short-term impacts of your decision. And that’s w


XAT Decision Making Section – Golden Principles for tackling questions related to Management Issues

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The decision-making section of XAT paper is rightly considered a scoring section that can really boost your percentile. It is an important section not just because of the sectional cutoff that one needs to clear but also because completing this section quickly will give you more time for quant and verbal section. The questions generally comprise of a short case study write-up and related questions. Though any real-life situation is generally considered to be an open-ended problem with no right or wrong answers, that perception could not be further away from the truth. There are insta


Top MBA Colleges Accepting XAT Scores and their Cutoffs

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Top B-Schools via XAT and their Cutoffs – Video   XAT 2020 Crash Course a) 200+ Video Tutorials b) XAT 2017, XAT 2018, XAT 2019 Video Solutions c) Workshops on important topics d) 5 Mock Tests in the latest pattern Know More about Crash Course Enroll Now @ Rs. 3999 Javascript on your browser is not enabled. Top B-Schools via XAT and their Cutoffs – Presentation Scores Vs Percentile in XAT Exam For the last couple of years, XAT has asked only 74 questions. You can c