Remainders (Quantitative Aptitude) for CAT Exam Preparation – Free PDF for Download

July 31st, 2019 by

Remainders, as a topic, confuses a lot of students. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of CAT quantitative Aptitude questions and doubts on any public forum (Pagalguy / Quora / Facebook) will be dealing with remainders. This is true for the Course Feed of my online CAT coaching course as well. So, I decided to combine all the various kinds of Remainder related questions and make a single post about it. I hope that if you go through the 50+ questions given in this post, you will never struggle with remainders again. In case you have any doubts with any of the questions, use the commen


What the Football World Cup can teach each CAT Aspirant

July 30th, 2019 by

The just concluded FIFA Football World Cup was an extravaganza which entertained us all for a month’s time. Beyond entertainment though, the world cup also threw in quite a few life lessons. And several of those life lessons can be corroborated with each CAT aspirant. Here are a few of those lessons: Morning does not Show the Day After the first week of football, pundits had installed a Cristiano Ronaldo-inspired Portugal to victory following their talisman’s hattrick. France had a wobbly start with unimpressive wins over Peru and Australia to begin with. Uruguay had an all-win recor


CAT 2019 Exam Notification OUT – Important Dates, Application Process, Syllabus, Eligibility, Exam Pattern, Result

July 28th, 2019 by

CAT 2019 Exam Notification released today (28th July) on the official website. The exam will be held on 24th November 2019 (Sunday) in two slots. This examination is one of the toughest examinations to take admissions in Management Schools of India. Candidates have to register and fill the CAT 2019 Application form online to enroll themselves for CAT 2019. However, you can fully complete your CAT 2019 Preparation with offline coaching or the Best Online CAT Coaching from now on, keeping November as the month of the exam in mind. SCORE MORE IN CAT 2019 EXAM WITH OUR ONLINE CAT COURSE


CAT 2019 Notification – Free Class for CAT Exam Preparation

July 27th, 2019 by

CAT 2019 Notification is set to release on 28th July 2019 (Sunday). We will be conducting a free class on the same day at 8 PM. The agenda for this class would be: 1) Discuss the important information from CAT 2019 Notification 2) Discuss the changes in the pattern 3) Discuss the CAT Exam form filling process 4) Discuss information about top B-schools via the CAT Exam 5) Discuss a study plan for CAT exam from CAT 2019 Notification Day If there are any particular questions/ideas that you want us to discuss, please let us know via the comment section. Register for Free Class for C


Media Release for CAT Exam 2019 Exam by IIM Kozhikode

July 26th, 2019 by

Screengrab of Media Release for CAT 2019 by IIM Kozhikode     Media Release for CAT 2019 Exam by IIM Kozhikode July 26, 2019, Kozhikode: Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) will be releasing the notification for the Common Admission Test 2019 (CAT 2019) in newspapers across the country on July 28, 2019 (Sunday). According to Prof. Shubhasis Dey, Convener, CAT 2019, the following are some of the salient features of CAT 2019: 1) CAT 2019 will be conducted on November 24, 2019 (Sunday) in two sessions. 2) Registration for CAT 2019 will open on August 7, 2019 and will close


How to Increase Span of Attention while Studying Online

July 23rd, 2019 by

One of the biggest myths of the digital age is in education. It concerns students and the belief that due to the immense treasure trove of knowledge that the internet affords, students can now gain all their knowledge from there without the need for ‘experts’. The word ‘experts’ is itself derided in the age of crowd-sourced knowledge. But therein lies a fundamental problem. While the internet is home to enormous amount of knowledge, it is also home to far more entertainment options. And that is why for every student-hour spent studying online, there are far more distractions. It


Learn the basics of Critical Reasoning with the help of Mahabharata

July 22nd, 2019 by

In critical reasoning, logical bent of mind plays a major role. Statements which are correlated to each other are presented and finally they reach at the conclusion. An essential skill to inculcate in critical reasoning is to find the missing link , which we call the assumption.Thus assumptions fill the missing link between the premises and the conclusion. Let us take a small example of the missing link— Four of the most striking characters in Mahabharat were Karna, Arjuna, Drona and Bhisma. At the end of the war Arjuna got the triumph. Here in the above two statements, th


Reading Comprehension Sources for CAT Exam and Resources to Prepare

July 16th, 2019 by

Reading Comprehensions constitute about 70% of the CAT Verbal Ability section. This makes it very important as well as the scoring section. CAT and other management exams use passages from multiple sources for the exam. The passages range from topics like philosophy, history, art, technology, business, sociology, economics, etc. To be able to ace this section, you need to build a reading habit. In this article, we will be sharing multiple online resources which can help you to get familiar with passages on a variety of topics. The scoring in the Reading Comprehension section depends on:


Video Reviews/Testimonials of HandaKaFunda Online Coaching Course for CAT

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Video Review By Tamal 97.37 percentile in CAT Exam through Online CAT Coaching   Video Review By Shreevatsa with 98.68 percentile in CAT Exam through Online CAT Coaching   Video Review By G. Prabhushankar 94.2 percentile in CAT Exam through Online Coaching for CAT Preparation   Video Review By C.A. Pranav with 96 percentile in CAT Exam through Online CAT Course   Video Review By Amit with 95.9 percentile in CAT Exam through Online Coaching Course for


CAT Dates Announced – Important dates for the CAT exam

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CAT 2019 notification will release on 28th July 2019 - Sunday CAT 2019 exam will be held on 24th November 2019 - Sunday   CAT Exam Important Dates CAT Exam Details CAT Exam Dates CAT Exam Notification Release 28th  July 2019 – Sunday CAT Exam Registration (Start) 05th Aug 2019 CAT Exam online application Correction (End) 27th Sep 2019 – 30th Sep 2019 CAT Exam Admit Card Release Oct 24th 2019 – Nov 24th2019 CAT Exam 24th Nov 2019 CAT Exam Result Announcement 07th January 2020 CAT Exam Answer Key Release Second we