Direction Sense (Concepts, Properties and CAT Questions)

March 3rd, 2019 by

The direction questions are one of the most repeated questions in the CAT Exam. Apart from CAT, direction and distance reasoning questions are also frequently asked in most of the MBA exams and other competitive exams. The test-takers are suggested to attempt these questions effectively as they are scoring and easily-solvable. The direction and distance reasoning questions, as the name implies, includes two types of questions i.e.: Direction Sense Test Distance Related questions Direction Sense Reasoning: The questions based on directions require the candidates to identifyin


CAT Grammar – Modifiers – Types and Errors

March 2nd, 2019 by

We all have studied modifiers in our school days. But since it is an optional element in the English language, it is not treated as an important topic. Then why do you need to learn about it now? Well, CAT and other MBA entrance exams often feature questions based on Sentence correction and these questions often contain modifier-based errors. Apart from that, it will help you improve your grammar and aid in tackling the verbal ability section. But, what exactly is a modifier? What if, you want to be more specific while describing something? Well, that’s the very purpose of modifiers. As t


Determining the second last digit and the last two digits

March 1st, 2019 by

Nike caused controversy with its advertising campaign during the 1996 Olympics by using the slogan, "You Don't Win Silver — You Lose Gold." Nike's use of this slogan drew harsh criticism from many former Olympic Silver medallists. In a way, it did undermine the importance of the second position but in Math things are often very different. Figuring out the second last digit is often tougher than figuring out the last digit. It is unlikely but definitely not impossible that in CAT you get a straightforward question that asks you to find out the second last digit of a number (abcpqr). In fe