Coronavirus: Why Online Education is becoming a preferred choice these days?

February 7th, 2019 by

Online education in a time of corona: Coronavirus: Unforeseen disasters can sometimes unleash unimaginable situations, albeit unwittingly. As all offline institutes Switch to Online Education in India, because, with COVID 19 the prospect of that institutes open anytime soon, is bleak. Online education is their savior at this critical time when the Coronavirus scrounge ravaging geographies. In this difficult situation, We think it's really the only way to keep the continuity and to keep studies up. In today’s world where time, money and convenience demands utmost importance from an in


How to Solve Number Series Questions in Logical Reasoning

February 3rd, 2019 by

Number series is important for various competitive examinations. In this category of questions, a series of various numbers is given with a blank . We are supposed to find out a pattern between every number and its predecessor and find out the answer using the same logic. For the purpose of better understanding of the concept, we classify them into the following categories: Series with a constant difference Series with an increasing difference Series with a decreasing difference Squares/ Cubes series Combination of different operations Miscellaneous The best approach : The best