How to Analyze Mock CATs to Improve your Scores and Percentile?

September 29th, 2018 by

A large number of CAT aspirants try their hand at anywhere from 5 to 50 mocks before the actual exam. However, a lot of them do not realize the fact that what matters is not the number of mocks that you take but what you learn from it. Analyzing a mock CAT is perhaps even more important than taking a mock CAT because that is where you learn and improve your scores and percentile. In this post, we will discuss some of the rules that you should keep in mind while doing mock CAT analysis. Rule 1 of Mock CAT Analysis – Focus on the number of errors made A much better thing to look at inste


How to ace the General Knowledge section in SNAP test?

September 28th, 2018 by

General Knowledge is often the cinderella of entrance exams preparation, ignored until the very end. However, unlike a fairy tale, there is no happy ending. Entrance exams are the culmination of all the efforts put by candidates. It is best to make sure that effort counts in as few chances as possible. General Knowledge is a section which needs careful preparation and can change fortunes. “GK really helped me push my score to get into SCMHRD” says Karan, a student of SCMHRD with 99+ percentile “I only realised much later that while a lot of people had scored as much as I had or more


What non-IIM colleges one must apply for at various percentile categories

September 27th, 2018 by

What non-IIM Colleges one must apply to at 90/95/99 Percentiles This is the time of the year when all students get down to assessing their chances for securing seats at the top postgrad management institutes in the country. The mocks are underway and many students have been preparing for a while now. Some may have even attempted the CAT and other related exams in the past, so will have a fair idea, where their preparation is leading them towards. All this coincides with individual forms of various non-IIM colleges being released as well. So, students now need to take a conscious decision


The Art of Choosing Colleges based on Mock Scores

September 23rd, 2018 by

This is that time of the year when CAT aspirants need to start filling out all individual college forms. The process of filling the main CAT form is almost done, so now the focus lies on the colleges where the scores of CAT or the other nationalized or even international ones will count. The challenge lies in filling which all. The process of being a management professional starts here. As these college forms cost money, one has to choose where all to invest. Options are plenty, but one needs to prioritize looking at one’s performances and past records. And of course, few parameters help


New IIMs vs the Best non IIMs – What to Choose?

September 22nd, 2018 by

There was a time not too long back when there were only a handful of IIMs. As recently as 2008 saw the first batch commence at IIM-Shillong which became the 7th in line. Now at last count, there exist 20 of them. The general understanding is that the older IIMs are much better. This is due to several legacy issues, not least of them being an extremely rich and diversified alumni group. The new IIMs though are coming up, and slowly making their mark. While there is little doubt that the newer IIMs stand well below the older ones, especially ABC & L, a lot of students face the dilemma be