Games and Tournaments for CAT Exam Logical Reasoning – Part 3

May 30th, 2018 by

In this post, we will discuss all the concepts we will require while solving questions related to games and tournaments. This topic can sometimes involve some basic understanding of the games mentioned in the puzzle. One should know some common terminologies used by the examiners in the questions. Games and tournaments is generally a data interpretation topic and we need to analyze the data given before attempting any questions, which could make it a little time consuming if we are not familiar with the concepts. Broadly, we have two types of game structures that are used in making the puz


Games and Tournaments for CAT Exam Logical Reasoning – Part 2

May 29th, 2018 by

In my previous post on games and tournaments, we discussed about two of the popular types of questions when it comes to games and tournament questions. So, if you are looking for questions on new types of data representation or questions based on seeding in a tennis tournament, probably you should read that. However, there is another popular type of questions with respect to Games and Tournaments and that is – Football / Hockey tournament questions in which we have to find out Goals scores, winners, ties, etc. In such tournaments, all competitors play a fixed number of matches. Points


Games and Tournaments for CAT Exam Logical Reasoning – Part 1

May 28th, 2018 by

In Logical Reasoning very often we encounter problems based on games of tournaments. The first thing that as a CAT taker you need to realize is that such tournament based format offers the examiner a multitude of options. So, there cannot be a set formula for solving such kind of questions. However, if you look at the CAT papers of past few years – a pattern seems to emerge. Let us discuss couple of them. Type 1: The questions are typically in a set where the data will be either in the standard tabular format or a format which you would never find on Cricinfo or for that matter any ot


Remainders (Quantitative Aptitude) for CAT Exam Preparation – Free PDF for Download

May 21st, 2018 by

Remainders, as a topic, confuses a lot of students. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of CAT quantitative Aptitude questions and doubts on any public forum (Pagalguy / Quora / Facebook) will be dealing with remainders. This is true for the Course Feed of my online CAT coaching course as well. So, I decided to combine all the various kinds of Remainder related questions and make a single post about it. I hope that if you go through the 50+ questions given in this post, you will never struggle with remainders again. In case you have any doubts with any of the questions, use the commen


10 things that go through every MBA aspirant’s mind

May 10th, 2018 by

The admission season is upon us, and some of you have made it to your dream MBA college. In that case, congratulations! For those who are working hard day in and day out to tame the CAT or the other MBA entrance exams, well - don't worry, it will happen. Just keep going at it.  Your time will come. We all know what it's like to be an MBA aspirant. Hours and hours of practice after college or office, tirelessly taking mocks, constant revisions, and an undying spirit is what makes an MBA aspirant successful (Plus a lot more). So we thought, why not compile a list of things that go throug


CAT 2018 Exam Date Announced – Will be held on November 25th (Sunday)

May 9th, 2018 by

CAT 2018 Exam on November 25 Dates for the CAT 2018 exam were announced today in an unlikely fashion by the authorities by a simple one-liner announcement on the official CAT website. A screengrab of the same is given below: The official announcement read: CAT 2018 will be held on Sunday, November 25, 2018. Detailed notification for CAT 2018 may be released in July / August 2018. (IIMs reserve the right to change the test date in case of exceptional circumstances) You can check it on the official website as well. Online Coaching Course for CAT 2018 Main CAT 18 Cour


Free CAT 2018 Test Series – Celebrating 2500 Students in Online Coaching

May 8th, 2018 by

  It gives me immense pleasure to share the happy news with you that Handa Ka Funda now has 2500+ students in the CAT 2018 Online Coaching course. More than anything else, it strengthens our faith in ourselves that we are doing something right. We launched our CAT coaching course in 2013 for the first time with a selection of around 150 videos focused mostly on Quant. Our video library has since then grown to 800+ videos to accommodate the changes in the CAT exam. As a matter of fact, we have now added the video solutions for the entire CAT 2017 paper as a part of our course. We als