Understanding Confusing Words – Part 3

March 20th, 2018 by

This is the last post in the series on confusing words. If you haven't read them already, check out Understanding Confusing Words – Part 1 and Understanding Confusing Words – Part 2. where we have discussed a list of important words that you should know if you want to save some time in the verbal section of CAT, IIFT, XAT or any other MBA entrance exam. In this post, we will first look at a few more words and then we will talk about how to use of the words you have learnt through these posts. Why is this important? Because skimming through blog posts will not help much. When you’re re


Understanding Confusing Words – Part 2

March 19th, 2018 by

In the Understanding Confusing Words – Part 1, we discussed confusing words. As discussed Learning New Words – Why, How and Strategies, these words are not directly related to CAT prep for the vocab section or for any MBA exam (so don't expect direct questions based on these words) but knowing the right words and the correct usage will make your job much easier while attempting questions. Let us extend the list with a few more words. Prescribe vs. Proscribe - These similar sounding words have very different meanings. Prescribe is the more common word, and it's often used at the docto


Understanding Confusing Words – Part 1

March 16th, 2018 by

In the last post we looked at some ways to learn new words - reading with context, flashcards, word group lists and studying by comparing words. We had discussed about identifying words that are confused easily. In this post we will look at some examples involving these confusing words. Now, will a misunderstanding cost you marks in the exam? Not necessarily so, because like we discussed last time, no questions simply ask for meanings of words. However, when you’re reading a block of text and reach this word where you are not quite sure of the meaning, that is enough to cause a problem.


CAT Preparation Strategy – Tips for Beginners Part 2

March 8th, 2018 by

CAT Prep Tips for beginners is probably something that cannot be covered in just one post. That is the reason why I am writing the second one in the series. I seriously recommend that you go through the first post on CAT Prep Tips for beginners before reading this. CAT Prep Beginner Tip 8: Coaching is not necessary (but it helps) A lot of CAT aspirants / MBA aspirants believe that Coaching for CAT is compulsory. There are a few CAT aspirants on the other spectrum that believe that it is not required at all. I have been involved in the CAT coaching industry for over a decade and I have


CAT Preparation Strategy – Tips for Beginners Part 1

March 7th, 2018 by

What are some of the best 'Tips for Beginners' who are just starting their CAT Preparation? Have you decided to take the plunge and try your hand at CAT 2019? Are you pretty much clueless about what the hoopla is all about? I will try to answer these and many more questions related to CAT preparation especially from the perspective of beginners who are trying their hand at CAT for the first time. CAT Prep Tips for Beginners #1: Focus on your graduation Most CAT aspirants start preparation for CAT in their final year or pre-final year. As a matter of fact, if someone forced me to gue


Happy Holi – Use coupon code HOLI to get 10% OFF on all courses

March 1st, 2018 by

We are trying to add a splash of color in our student's life. The easiest way to do that would be to add some green in their pockets. Ok! Bad pun. Bura na maano, Holi hai Most people grow out of HOLI as a festival in their teenage years Thankfully a few let the spirit remain alive. And it is to fuel that spirit we are offering 10% OFF on all courses this Holi! Use coupon code HOLI to get 10% OFF on all courses Coupon expired Given below are the links for our courses CAT 2019Online Coaching SBI PO 2019Online Coaching Do spread the joy by sharing this post on Faceboo