SNAP Results 2017 and SIBM SCMHRD SIIB College Cutoffs

December 28th, 2017 by

SNAP results 2017 were declared a little while ago. You can check them by filling out your details below. To be honest, SNAP results 2017 were a little bit surprising. A score of 99 has been achieved at a score of 62. It was expected to be much higher than that. SNAP Results are the first results for the MBA Aspirants this year. IIFT results should also be declared in a day or two. But let me add - you should not be elated after seeing your SNAP results. You should not be depressed after seeing your SNAP results. Do keep in mind that XAT is 10 days away. You should focus all your energ


Tips on XAT Essay Writing

December 21st, 2017 by

XAT Essay Writing is one of the major hurdles that students face when preparing for XAT. Entrance tests for MBA are on full swing and the last one in this series is XAT. For all the students who did not do well in CAT, XAT is a golden chance to redeem themselves. Along with Xaviers, a lot of esteemed B-schools such as SP Jain, IMT, MICA etc., accept both CAT and XAT scores for their admission process. It is popular amongst the students that among all the entrance exams for MBA, XAT is the hardest and probably for the right reasons. Unlike other MBA entrance tests in India, XAT contains two


GDPIWAT Preparations by MBA Mentors

December 19th, 2017 by

GDPIWAT : An Easy Nut to Crack ?   Are you ready for the next bigger milestone of GDPIWAT process? Do you think it is an easy nut to crack ? Every college has a different way of conducting the GDPIWAT process, few colleges conduct it as CD-PI process while the other few conduct it as GE-PIWAT process. In a few colleges, GDPIWAT process also includes SOP, Video Resumes, etc. The weightage of GDPIWAT process for selection ranges from 30% to 50%. Hence, it is very important to prepare yourself for the upcoming GDPIWAT processes. The current students of the respective B schools


Are you prepared for XAT 2018 exam?

December 18th, 2017 by

Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) 2018: XAT 2018 exam is going to be conducted on 7th of January 2018. At HandaKaFunda we sincerely hope that your preparations are well on course for this important exam, which could very well be considered as the last resort for getting into top Business schools of India after major entrance exams like CAT, IIFT, and SNAP. Last year, XAT was conducted in approximately 47 cities across India. The difficulty level of the paper was about average. However, according to XAT officials, paper was relatively easier than 2016 XAT exam. The importance of XAT could be


XAT Essay Topics from Previous Year Papers – From 2000 till 2017

December 12th, 2017 by

XAT Essay topics have varied from abstract to topical over the years. We will be sharing tips for writing XAT essays in the days to come but for now, given below is a list of XAT essay topics from previous years. List of Essay Topics from Previous Year XAT Papers (2000 to 2017) 2000 Ships are safer in the harbour. But they are not meant for the same. 2001 Economic Growth without distributive justice can only lead to violence 2002 Indian Economy in the Post WTO Era. 2003 To give real service, one needs to add something that cannot be bought or measured, like sincerity and integrity.


SNAP GK 2018 – How to prepare for General Knowledge Section in One Week?

December 11th, 2017 by

SNAP is just one week away and the section that is probably the most scoring one is also the most neglected one. Till a few years ago, GK in SNAP used to be weird and I mean really really weird. They used to ask questions like ‘How many hearts does an Octopus have?’. Thankfully, things have improved in the past couple of years. I have given the paper for SNAP 2016 below and that would help you understand the kind of questions that get asked. General Knowledge Course for IIFT / XAT / SNAP a) 50+ Videos on Important Topicsb) Detailed Documents for Current Affairs and Static GKc) Monthl


IIFT 2017 General Knowledge Questions Answers and Expected Cutoff

December 3rd, 2017 by

IIFT 2017 was conducted today. Given below are the images for the questions from the IIFT General Knowledge section. I think the General Knowledge section was not exceptionally hard and it was on the usual pattern. I think the cutoff for the General Knowledge section is bound to be around 5-6 questions. So, if you solved 5-6 questions in the IIFT GK section and had no errors, you should be able to clear the sectional cutoff. However, for someone who was well prepared with General Knowledge section - he / she should be able to solve 10-12 questions in the GK section. There were a new type o