How to start preparation for CAT 2016

October 25th, 2015 by

A lot of students are really worried about starting their CAT preparation. A few of them are confused about questions like: 1 - When should I start my CAT preparation? 2 - What should be the first step of CAT preparation? 3 - Should I first get some experience and then try my hand at CAT? I will try to answer these and many more questions in the live class. The recording of the class will be available on this page itself. I will be conducting a free class to discuss the preparation strategy for CAT 2016. Class is over CAT 2020 Coaching Course In case you have any specifi


Looking for a job in Jaipur? Come – work with us!

October 16th, 2015 by

So, I tried to make the title sound as much like "Come - Fall in Love!" as possible but I know I haven't done a good job at it. Well, having catchy blogpost titles is not something that I or anyone in our team is good at and that is one of the many reasons we are looking at expanding our team. I will try (not promising) to crack less stupid jokes like the one in title but what I do promise is that we will be able to provide you with an immense learning experience irrespective of the role that you will be in. BTW - if you are here just because of the title or the weird image, please sha


How to prepare for IIFT General Knowledge Section in 1 Month

October 10th, 2015 by

IIFT 2015 is scheduled to be held on 20th November. While there is slightly over a month left for the exam, it would be prudent if you started your General Knowledge preparations for the same. While the cutoffs are low, you can easily improve your score in the General Knowledge section with a little bit of effort and it is recommended that you start putting in that effort sooner than later. I will be conducting a free class to discuss the preparation strategy for IIFT General Knowledge in the 1 month that is left. You can register for the class below. How to Prepare for IIFT GK in 1 m


IBPS PO 2015 – Details about the paper pattern, structure, difficulty level

October 4th, 2015 by

Given below is the feedback about the IBPS PO 2015 paper that we got from one of our students. We thought it will be beneficial to share it with our other students. The IBPS PO Paper was moderate and well balanced. ENGLISH RC - I left out the RC portion. But managed to get a glance of it. The passage was quite longer than that of the Mocks, so I didn't even try to read it. I think I saw a question which was inferential based. Questions like "Which of the following statement regarding the passage is NOT TRUE" were also there. Antonym/Synonym - These were good. Some words were