XAT 2015 Answer Key and Detailed Solutions for Decision Making

Monday, January 5th, 2015

XAT 2015 Answer Key and Detailed Solutions

I hope your XAT exam went well. A lot of students mailed, messaged, called, and even whatsapped (Ah! The world we live in) asking for an answer key for the Decision Making part. Considering that there were four different sets and just writing A / C will not help anyone, I though I would come up with the answer key / solutions in a slightly different way.

Given below is the XAT 2015 answer key and detailed solutions for the Decision Making section. For each set, I have put up some key identifiers first. Then I have listed out the correct answer as well as an explanation for the same. Hope you like it and learn from it. Also, please share it on Facebook – it will encourage me and my team to continue to do this in future.

XAT Decision Making Course

Mr Patel – Barua – Dipangshu

1. Failing to perform in client meeting might further complicate the issue. He needs to focus on the job at hand as that is the priority. All other reasons do not take care of the problem in any way. If there is an issue with his performance, he will have to fix it by working on it.

2. Talk to Mr. Patel. All other options seem to be running away from the problem. If Mr. Patel is not able to understand his contribution, he should explain it to him

3. I, IV, V is the ideal order. Mr. Patel needs to talk to the senior guy first and explain that talent is important. Then he needs to speak to the junior guy and explain that the company values talent. And finally arrange a meeting between all of them.

MBA Entrance – ISM

1. II – Have separate papers with separate cutoffs. Having separate papers for formula based and application based problems is a must. Having differential marking, valuing one set more than the other, would give the examiners wrong data. Even if a student does not want, he will be motivated to attempt the section with higher marks. Not telling the students about it is improper. Combining scores and releasing the cutoffs would not serve the purpose as the institute would not be able to find the entrepreneurial candidates with that method.

2. I, II, IV, V – ISM helps with bank loans or students at ISM get good jobs is of no significance while attempting or preparing for the exam. The other information is helpful.

IIB – Green Campus

1. V, III, I – An audit should be the first thing to understand what the problems are and what can be done about it. Then a seminar should be conducted so that all students and staff can be involved in the process. Only the administration cannot solve this. They need to involve everyone and raise awareness about the issue. The third step should be the solar panels – something that can be easily done. It will also show that the administration means business and it is not just talk. It is not possible to replace buildings. Also, doing a compulsory course will be of no issue. This issue is not about getting more marks but getting more people involved. Forcing something like this will not work.

National Political Party – Mr. Loyal – Mr. Prodigal.

1. Expel Mr. Loyal from the party. This would be the worst thing for both Mr. Loyal and the party. This will definitely cause a rift and will break up the party. Also, it would tarnish Mr. Loyal’s image and it would appear as if the party is not backing him up.

2. Initiate an internal enquiry. The party should do this. They should try and find out what has actually happened. Taking a decision against Mr. Loyal / Mr. Prodigal would seem too harsh and even unreasonable. They cannot assume that anyone is guilty without even trying to find out the truth. They should investigate as the first step and then take a call based on findings.

3. I & IV – Mr. Opportunist should highlight his strengths which is goodwill and a large following. Also, Mr. Loyal’s candidature would adversely impact NPP’s chances because the public is not with Mr. Loyal because of the incident. Not having relatives / press-conference, etc. are not factors favouring Mr. Opportunist in any way.

4. He should ask his followers to support the NPP candidate. His political future is tied to the party. Him joining the opposition or being an independent candidate might go against him. One, he will be out of the party and secondly, it is unlikely he will win considering the circumstances. Continuing with the party is his best bet.

BEC – Simran – Raj – pure calculation – skipping this one.

Mr. Arbit – Mr. Boring – oil refinery – technology

1. “Investment is warranted only when benefits outweigh costs” – this is the only option among the five given which goes against Mr. Arbit’s call. All others are supporting Mr. Arbit’s decision to invest.

2. Success rate is 85% – that is the main cause of concern. Whether the money gets recovered in 12 months or in 15 months is not the issue here. If something can treble the business, the bigger issue is whether it will work or not. Also, it is a huge investment which again highlights the concern whether it will work or not.

3. Pure calculation – skipping this

Life Saving Pharma (LSP) – generic drugs
1. Pure calculation – skipping this

2. I, III, II – Invest in new drugs is the top priority for long run. That is the first choice in only one option. That is the answer.

3. Giving Mrs. Jose an option to work from home while in Luxembourg. I don’t think there should be any doubts about this. Giving more money will not solve the key problem that they have to be together. You can’t fire Mrs. Jose just because she is pregnant. It will be easier for Mrs. Jose to work from home because she is in HR and her team is well established in India office whereas Mr. Jose has to set stuff up at Luxembourg. Remember, it is still in a pretty nascent stage.

4. II & V – Mrs. Khan, under no circumstances, should quit her job. Even thinking of that option is downright regressive. This eliminates statement I and IV. Now, we need to pick between II & V and III & V. It might be hard for Mr. Khan to find an equivalent job in India. Asking him to leave the job would not be fair either. This makes II & V as the best choice.

Mohan – Ram – Kishan – Organic Vegetables – Connaught Place – Panipat

1. I, III, IV, V – Statement II does not even make sense and should be ruled out. All others reasons / opinions support Ram’s decision.

2. Not worrying about the business. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Clearly Ram is doing a good job and let’s not interfere with it.

3. Create awareness campaign for organic vegetables. None of the other options make sense for the future of the business. Closing down / replacing Ram will not have a positive impact on the future of the business. However, if the audience becomes aware of the usefulness of organic vegetables, it will help his business in the long run.

XAT Decision Making Course

I hope you liked the XAT 2015 Answer Key / Detailed Solutions for Decision Making. If you have any questions about the same or want to discuss any question in particular, do use the comments section.


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